Introduction to Dance
Pre School Classes
30 minute class; A fun class where children learn basic stretching, rhythm, co-ordination, feet positions, skipping & gallops, elevation, facial & musical expression. (3 - 4 year olds)

Pre-Grade Classes
Jazz & Ballet
45 minute Fun Classes where children can begin to learn the basic skills in a chosen discipline. (4 - 8 year olds)

Fun, free style hip-hop classes for Juniors
(6-10 year olds) Intermediate (10-13 year olds) through to Senior advanced classes.

Open Theatre Jazz
Stretch, Leap & Spin
Classes Incorporating stretching, leaps, turns and techniques in varying dance styles including Traditional Jazz, Musical Theatre, Lyrical & Contemporary. Junior, Intermediate, Pre Senior, Senior.

Performing Groups
Junior, Intermediate & Senior
Selected pupils working in teams to represent the studio in competitions, entertain, perform in productions & travel.
Private Lessons For pupils who wish to be involved in Competition Work.

Exam Syllabus
Where pupils study the N.Z.A.M.D (New Zealand Association of Modern Dance) Syllabus & prepare to sit national exams in Ballet, Jazz, Tap or Hip Hop.
Classes in all grades from Pre Grade through to Solo Seal
(4 - 20 years)

Classes in all grades from Pre Grade 1 through to Solo Seal
(3 - 20 years)

Classes in all levels from Pre Paratory to Solo Seal
(5 - 20 years)

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