Here are the most common Zoom queries or issues we've come across. Shout out if you run into any other trouble and we'll see what we can find out!

How can I make my teacher the main video?

As you'll be attending class with a whole lot of other dancers, you can 'pin' your teacher's video to be your main view. On your laptop Hover over your teacher's video​ and click on the three dots [ ...] From the menu that appears, select ' Pin Video' On your phone or tablet Switch to gallery/grid view Double-tap on your teacher's video to pin For instructions with screenshots, click here.

I'm having camera and/or audio issues

Camera issues If your camera is not showing up in the Zoom Settings, or it is selected and not showing any video, click here for steps to try and solve the issue. Audio issues For audio issues on your phone or tablet, check out these steps to try and get back up and running. For laptop users, learn what to do to test your computer's audio.

Before you start - is Zoom up-to-date?

Before you start joining your classes, or if you have trouble joining - make sure you have the most current version of Zoom downloaded. Watch this video to ensure you're up-to-date. For step-by-step instructions, click here.