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At Stewart Dance Studios, we teach structured syllabus classes by the New Zealand Association of Modern Dance (NZAMD) with exams held each year in September. While all students are encouraged to sit exams, they are optional.

In preparation for exams, we also hold a Medal Test weekend earlier in the year.

Hip Hop
2021 Exams

If you have any questions...

If you are not sure if your dancer is ready to participate in their exam, please see your class teacher. Exams are not compulsory and they may not be something you are interested in doing, and that is totally fine.

NZAMD has also provided this helpful document explaining what exams are all about.


Our 2021 exam dates are yet to be confirmed by NZAMD, however, we have requested the end of term 3 - the same as previous years.

Exam Dress Rehearsals

Each class will have a dress rehearsal for their exam. These will be during term 3 and take place during weekends. It is highly recommended that dancers attend all rehearsals.


These are an important part of exam preparation as dancers learn the correct procedures, along with what to expect on the day. A separate timetable will be given for these rehearsals once we have all entries submitted. 

Exam timetable

The examiner can run up to 30 minutes ahead of schedule. Please ensure you are at the studio ready for your exam at least 1 hour prior to your time. All exams take place at the studio, in studio 2.

A timetable will be made available once we have our dates confirmed.

Normal classes during exam week

During exam week, classes are moved and re-timed in an effort to allow for one last lesson before each exam. An exam week class timetable will be sent out and displayed at the studio once the exam timetable has been set.

If you are not sitting the exam for your class, you are not required to attend class during exam week.