Medal Test

Each year in August we hold our Medal Test weekend at Hawkins Theatre in Papakura, giving all students from Pre-Schoolers to Seniors, the opportunity to gain valuable stage experience and encouragement.

Medal Test also helps dancers build confidence in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere and gives our junior students the opportunity to watch senior dancers, competition pupils and teachers perform on stage.

All exam students are able to practice their exam dance in preparation for sitting their exam in September and even if you're not sitting an exam, we offer a range of self-choreography classes.

All dancers who take part will receive something and we also have many trophies for special awards.

Gold medal with SDS logo and the words Medal Test
This year's Medal Test will be held on
26-27 June 2021
On the day

Checking in

Everyone must check in to the dressing room nearest the stage 15 mins before they are scheduled to dance.



For non-exam classes, music must be handed in backstage before the start of the class.


What to wear

For exam classes, dancers are expected to wear their set exam uniform if they have one. Dancers in beginners, competition, impromptu and self-choreography classes may wear a costume of their own choice of comfortable dancewear.

Videos and Photos

Parents and family members are more than welcome to take videos and photos of their superstars on stage!


A kitchen will be running all weekend offering delicious light meals and refreshments.

Special Awards

Most Promising

  • Jazz Beginner (pre schooler)

  • Pre Grade 2 Jazz Dancer 

  • Pre Grade 3 Jazz Dancer

  • Grade 1 Jazz Dancer 

  • Grade 2 Jazz Dancer 

  • Grade 3 Jazz Dancer 

  • Grade 4 Jazz Dancer 

  • Grade 5 or Pre Ele Jazz Dancer 

  • Jazz Major Dancer Ele, Inter or Adv 

  • Beginners or Initial Ballet Dancer 

  • Pre Grade or Grade 1 Ballet Dancer 

  • Grade 2 or 3 Ballet Dancer 

  • Grade 4 5 or Pre Ele Ballet Dancer 

  • Major Ballet Dancer Ele Int or Adv

  • Pre Par or Level 1 Tapper 

  • Level 2 or 3 Tapper 

  • Level 4 or 5 Tapper 

  • Major Tapper Level 6 to 9

  • Junior Hip Hop Student (Level 1 or 2) 

  • Senior Hip Hop Student (Level 4, 5 or 6)

  • Stretch Leap And Spin Dancer

  • Competition Pupil 

Encouragement Award

  • Jazz 

  • Ballet 

  • Tap 


  • Most Outstanding Solo Performance 

  • Most Outstanding Duo or Trio Performance

  • Most Outstanding Impromptu

  • Most Entertaining Solo 

  • Most Entertaining Duo or Trio 

  • Best Personality Award


Timetables will be available to view closer to Medal Test weekend.

Saturday, 26 June 2021
Sunday, 27 June 2021
Download Full Timetable
Admission Charge

For non-competitors, there is a small door charge to enter the theatre.

Per Session

  • $4.00 - Adults

  • $3.00 - Children and Seniors

Day Pass

  • $6.00 - Adults

  • $4.00 - Children and Seniors

Weekend Pass

  • $10.00 - Adults

  • $7.00 - Children and Seniors