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Being part of our studio family, you will learn coordination, flexibility, discipline, confidence, poise, self-expression, creativity, rhythm, good posture, and fitness.

Our students also have the opportunity to gain stage experience by performing in shows, sitting national exams, travelling, competing, obtaining teaching qualifications, and making life-long friends!

Offering classes in a range of styles, we're sure you'll find a class that your child, or even yourself, will love!

Classes for Littlies

Introduction to Dance
30 minute classes

A fun class where children learn basic stretching, rhythm, coordination, feet positions, skipping & gallops, elevation, facial & musical expression.​

Pre-Grade Jazz, Tap, Ballet + Hip Hop Classes
30-45 minute classes

Fun classes where children can begin to learn the basic skills in a chosen discipline.

Cade, Harper & Deanna

Open Classes

Open Theatre Jazz
Incorporating Stretch, Leap + Spin, available for Junior to Senior levels

Classes incorporating stretching, leaps, turns and techniques in varying dance styles.

NZAMD Stretch, Leap + Spin exam available for Intermediate Open Jazz dancers.

Open Hip Hop
Junior to Advanced classes

Fun, free-style hip hop classes.

Open Contemporary
Junior level

Learn the basics of contemporary movement.

Structured Syllabus Classes

Pre Grade to Solo Diploma

The NZAMD Jazz syllabus is designed with comprehensive warm ups, stretches, floor work, progressions from corners with turns, kicks and jumps and further combinations.​

NZAMD Ballet
Pre Grade to Solo Diploma

The NZAMD Ballet Syllabus is designed to allow students to progress without pressure. Each grade is of a length that makes it enjoyable for all students while being progressively challenging for those wanting to push themselves.​

Pre Grade to Solo Diploma

The American Tap syllabus consists of barre work, centre work, and set/teachers’ own choreographed dances.​

Pre Grade to Solo Diploma

The NZAMD Hip Hop syllabus is an energetic dance style with versatile hip hop moves extending the students and giving continual progression through the levels.​

NZAMD Contemporary
Level 4 to Solo Diploma

The NZAMD Contemporary syllabus teaches students to understand the concepts of contemporary movement such as weight, flow, momentum, and the use of gravity. They continue to enjoy a sense of dance while focusing on freedom of movement and spatial awareness.

By Audition or Invitation

Performing Group
Junior, Intermediate, Pre Senior + Senior

Selected pupils working in teams, representing the studio at competitions and events. Opportunities are also given to travel for workshops and other dance events.​

Competition Work
Junior to Senior ages

Dancers may be approached to begin competition work including; solos, duos, and trios.


We'd love to have you join our studio whānau!

View our full timetable here. If there's a class you're interested in, get in touch to organise a trial class.​
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