Annual Production

Each year we hold our annual dance production at Hawkins Theatre in Papakura. 

This is the highlight of our dance year and everyone involved from our dancers through to our backstage crew absolutely love showcasing the talent our studio has to show.

While taking part in our annual production isn't mandatory, it is highly recommended!

Scroll down to see more information about our production groups.

Due to ongoing Alert Level restrictions,

our 2021 production has been postponed.


2021 Performance Dates

Production Rehearsals

Studio Rehearsals

Leading up to production, we will have studio rehearsal days in place of our standard timetabled classes. Your teacher will advise when these will be and a timetable will also be available on our studio noticeboard.

Theatre Rehearsals

Generally, we hold a week of timetabled classes at Hawkins Theatre to allow our dancers to get used to being on stage with bright lights and an audience watching. These rehearsals may vary from your normal timetabled classes. Once finalised, a timetable will be available at the studio. A copy will also be emailed out.

Dress Rehearsals

We have two full dress rehearsals, Group A and Group B. Dancers will perform in full costume and makeup, and full lighting and sound is used. A dress rehearsal timetable will be sent out to members of the studio once finalised.