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Each year we hold our annual dance production at Hawkins Theatre in Papakura. 

This is the highlight of our dance year and everyone involved, from our dancers through to our backstage crew, absolutely loves showcasing the talent our studio has to share.

While taking part in our annual production isn't mandatory, it is highly recommended!

Our 2024 production season runs

Friday, 6 - Friday, 13 December


2024 Performance Dates + Groups

Production Rehearsals

  • Student Choreography and Impromptu classes
    There is an opportunity for students to get creative and choreograph their own routines and perform them in our student choreography classes. Routines can be solos, duos, trios or even small groups. We also run a range of impromptu classes in different styles, that students can take part in. Impromptus are where students listen to a piece of music once, then go on stage and impromptu a routine. These classes are always lots of fun and can be a great creative outlet!
  • What do students receive?
    All students who take part receive a report sheet from the adjudicator, along with a certificate of participation. For those in Grade/Level 1 and under, participants also receive a medal. From Grade/Level 2 upwards, Merit Awards receive a medal and Achievement Awards receive a ribbon. These are selected by the adjudicator.
  • What is Medal Test?
    MedalTest is a fun, relaxed, weekend full of dance! The purpose of the weekend is to encourage our students to perform on stage in a relaxed and friendly environment. Students perform the dance routine they have been learning in each of their classes, one at a time on stage, for an adjudicator and audience. The teachers of each class are at the theatre and will be backstage to help and encourage students as well. It is a great way to introduce new and younger students to the stage and the theatre before we start rehearsals for our end of year production. It is also a fantastic way to acknowledge all students hard work in class, so far this year. The aim of MedalTest is to create a fun, relaxed and safe environment for all students to perform and be recognised for their hard work. Both students and parents alike enjoy the weekend and it's something we highly recommend everyone takes part in!
  • Play or download a video
    Once you've made payment, you'll be able to play or download a video. Hover over the video thumbnail and click the Play Video icon. When the screen expands and the video screen appears, you have the option to download the file to your device by clicking on the download icon.
  • Create an account
    Production video purchases will be linked to your account so you can log in at any time to view or download your purchased videos. Click the three dots at the top left of the video tiles. Click Sign In. Select the option to Sign Up (New to this site?). You have the option to sign up using your existing Google or Facebook account, or simply use your email address. Once you have signed up/signed in your email address will show when you click the three dots again.
  • Purchase videos
    You must be signed in to your account to have the ability to purchase videos. Hover over a video thumbnail to get the option to buy and click the buy icon. A pop up will appear confirming the cost and what email address you're signed in as. Click Continue to move to the payment screen. Enter your card details to make your purchase. Payment is made securely via Stripe - the same provider as we use within DanceStudio-Pro and our Medal Test and Exam entry forms. You have the option to save your card details for future purposes. Untick this box if you don't wish your card details to be saved.
  • Why can't I log in?
    The most common reason is an incorrect password. We recommend resetting your password via the forgot password link on DSP. If you're still unable to log in after resetting, get in touch so we can take a further look at your account.
  • I'm unable to add another class for my child
    Due to the settings within DanceStudio-Pro, you're unable to enrol in an additional class online if you have an outstanding balance showing. Send us an email or let our reception team know the class you wish to add on and we can get that sorted for you. If you don't have an outstanding balance and you're still unable to add the class, let us know and we'll take a further look.
  • I've added another child, but I can't enrol them in any classes
    Due to the settings within DanceStudio-Pro, you're unable to enrol an additional child online if you have an outstanding account balance. Send us an email or let our reception team know and we can grab all the relevant details from you. If you don't have an outstanding balance and you're still unable to complete the enrolment, let us know and we'll take a further look.
  • Student and Parent Behaviour Policy
    All students are expected to arrive on time for class, in appropriate attire and footwear. Any damage to studio property will be the individuals financial responsibility. You will also be required to pay for any repairs necessary, as a result of the damage caused. All students and parents/caregivers must show respect towards all studio staff, as well as other students and parents/caregivers, at all times. Any student behaviour deemed inappropriate or disruptive by the teacher, may result in the student being asked to leave the class for the remainder of that lesson. Parents/caregivers are not permitted to sit inside the studio during class time, unless invited in by the teacher. Viewing areas are available at all times. Any issues must be brought to the attention of the Studio Director immediately, via email.
  • Photography and Videoing
    Any photography or videoing taken of students during class is for personal use only and must not be shared on public forums, such as social media channels. This is for the safety and well-being of each individual student, and to comply with the Privacy Act 1993 regulations. Should you wish to share any photos or videos publicly, please ensure they do not feature any other student or teacher, without their prior permission. This is the responsibility of the individual parent/caregiver. Images and/or video footage of students may be used for studio marketing, website, and social media purposes. Please make us aware, via email, if you do not wish for your child's image to be used.
  • Refund Policy
    We will refund or credit any Term Fees paid when: Classes are cancelled by the studio, only if there are no future make up classes. Classes are missed if the timetable is changed, after the beginning of the respective term, and the student is unable to make the new time. Classes are missed if a student has an illness/injury and is no longer able to complete the term, providing the studio is advised immediately of the condition, and a medical certificate is provided. To apply for a refund or credit: Email all information to the studio as soon as possible – please do not wait until a term has ended before requesting a refund or credit. Once a term has ended, no refund or credit applications will be accepted. A refund or credit of Term Fees paid is not possible when: Classes are missed due to the student or parent/caregiver changing their mind. Classes are missed due to personal/family holidays. Students are absent from class due to illness, injury or personal circumstances. Where four (4) or more consecutive classes are missed due to illness or injury, a credit may be provided upon request and review. The studio must have been notified of the estimated period of absence via email, accompanied by a medical certificate.
  • Teachers Policy
    We will provide a suitable teacher, to our standards, for each class. We reserve the right to replace a teacher, at any time, without notice. Any issues regarding our teachers or classes may not be discussed before, during or after class with the teacher and must be directed to the Studio Director via email. Under no circumstances are teachers to be contacted directly, via any channel, regarding class queries or complaints. Any such matters must be directed to the studio via email.
  • Performing Group
    Being part of the Stewart Dance Studios Performing Group is by audition or invitation only. In addition to Performing Group term fees, a hireage fee per costume is charged. These will be invoiced once costumes are assigned. Please note that each hireage fee is based on the individual costume. A contract will be issued to each Performing Group member, outlining expectations and requirements, and must be signed by both the dancer and their parent/caregiver. Performing Group members are often required for extra weekend/holiday rehearsals or events.
  • Choreography
    Choreography for classes, performances and competitions remain the artistic and intellectual property of Stewart Dance Studios and/or the syllabus providers. Choreography must not be copied or used without prior permission of the studio. Students who leave the studio are not permitted to perform choreography that was created specifically for them by studio teachers as a solo, or as part of a group, without prior permission.
  • COVID-19 Policy
    This COVID-19 Policy applies to anyone aged 12 years and 3 months, or older – eligible age. Stewart Dance Studios will be operating under the New Zealand Government’s COVID-19 Traffic Light System (also referred to as the COVID-19 Protection Framework) while it is in place for the country. Under all Levels; Red, Orange, and Green – if required under the framework, anyone of eligible age entering the studio building must be fully vaccinated and present their My Vaccine Pass. Anyone not able to present a valid My Vaccine Pass, digital or hardcopy, will not be able to enter the studio building. With permission, we may take note of our students’ vaccine pass status and expiry date to reduce the need to scan ‘My Vaccine Pass’ each time the studio is entered. Should classes be attended online rather than in person, no discount will be given on any fees. No discount will be given on any fees for classes missed due to COVID-19 infection/isolation. In the event of a lockdown (regional or national) where physical classes are not possible and are moved online, no discount will be given on any fees.
  • Dress Code
    Appropriate dance attire must be worn for all classes. There is to be no denim worn in any class. For all Ballet classes, leotards and skirts must be worn. Hair is expected to be in a bun. For all other styles, hair must be tidy and pulled back off your face. eg: ponytail, bun, braids, pigtails. The correct dance shoes must be worn for each style. You are expected to have these no later than week four of your first term.
  • Studio News and Noticeboard
    It is the responsibility of the student and parent/caregiver to ensure they have read all studio newsletters and event notifications, as well as all studio noticeboard posts.
  • Fees Policy
    An annual Administration and Resource Fee is added to your first terms invoice. Term fees are to be paid in full within the first two weeks of each term, unless otherwise arranged. A 10% administration and late payment fee will be added to any fees still due after the second week of term, unless other payment arrangements are in place. Any student with unpaid fees after week five will have their enrolment cancelled. All debt collection costs and charges are the sole responsibility of the customer. All statutory holidays are observed and fees have been calculated over the year. Changing classes at any time will not incur any charges unless there is a discrepancy in the term fee. Your enrolment will not be processed if you have an outstanding balance on your account from a previous year or term.
  • Exam Policy
    All syllabus Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop and Contemporary classes are taught with the intention that students will work towards sitting the exam for that class, if applicable. Students are able to enter exams at the discretion of their teacher, in consultation with students and parents/caregivers. No student is guaranteed a place in an exam. Students will be sitting exams in September (dates will be advised once confirmed). If you know you will be away during this time, please advise the class teacher in advance, so we can do our best to accommodate you. Students can be withdrawn from an exam at any time at their teachers’ discretion. Parents/will be alerted to this possibility before a decision is made. Examination fees are additional to term fees. Late exam entries will incur a penalty fee. Every student should have their correct exam uniform, appropriate to their class, from the beginning of term three. Any student entered into an exam is expected to attend any extra exam lessons and dress rehearsals. As per NZAMD guidelines, students must be turning 8 years old in the year they sit Grade 1 in Jazz and Ballet, or Level 1 in Tap and Hip Hop. Students must be turning 12 years old in the year they sit Level 3 Contemporary. Any other requirements of NZAMD not listed here, will be advised to students directly.
  • Show Policy
    Taking part in the end of year production is not compulsory, however, is highly recommended. A costume fee will be included in your term four fees. This fee is charged per dance that the student is in, but is capped at a certain level. This fee is a contribution towards any sewing, purchasing, laundering, storage and handling of costumes. You do not get to keep your production costume/s. A production levy will be included in your term three and four fees. This levy is a small contribution towards the running costs of production, such as theatre hire, lighting and props. Attendance at production rehearsals is compulsory if performing in our annual production. During theatre rehearsals, your normal class times may vary. A theatre timetable will be provided to all students. Please advise your class teacher as soon as possible if you are unable to attend any rehearsals or shows. All outstanding fees must be paid for in full before commencement of production. Costumes will not be issued to students with outstanding fees. A production guide will be made available to all students at the beginning of term four, to help students and parents/caregivers through our show season.
  • Student Dismissal
    Stewart Dance Studios maintains the right to dismiss any student who breaches any of the stated Term and Conditions, damages property, or causes severe disruptions to any classes. The decision is at the discretion of the Studio Directors.
  • Classes and Waiting Lists
    All classes have a maximum number of students. If this number is reached, a waiting list will begin for new enrolments into the class. If you are added to a waiting list you will be contacted when a space becomes available. There is no charge for being on a waiting list. Classes may be cancelled, divided or amalgamated at the discretion of the Studio Director. This may be a result of class size and/or teacher availability. Should the timetable be adjusted at any time, students and parents/caregivers will be advised.
  • What is Production?
    Our annual end of year production is many things to many people. For our students, it’s an opportunity to showcase to a live audience the work they have learnt throughout the year. Students gain a great deal of confidence and satisfaction from being involved in our production. They learn about working in a theatre, gain valuable stage experience, and most of all, they receive recognition, praise, and are congratulated for their efforts. Not only from their teachers and family, but from an applauding audience. Dressing up in costumes, and putting on makeup is always an exciting part of the production as well! Learning to work in a group and develop a stage personality is also a very valuable lesson. For parents, and the rest of your family, our production is when you all get to enjoy watching your children and family perform on an amazing stage. Production is a lot of hard work, but so very rewarding! Our backstage crew are responsible for all the props, as well as ensuring each dancer makes it on stage before the lights come up. We then have many dance Mums and Nanas involved in costumes, as well as our lighting crew, front of house helpers, and especially our wonderful teachers. Production for them, is an amazing creative experience. For many of our students, and for all of our teachers, production is the most exciting, enjoyable and rewarding time of the year!
  • Are there on stage practices?
    Absolutely! Each dancer will do one rehearsal and one dress rehearsal, both on the theatre stage. This is to ensure all students understand where and when they are to be on stage. Rehearsal dates will be available on the studio noticeboard, as well as here on our website.
  • When and where is it held?
    Our annual production is held at the end of term four. Please see here for this year’s dates. The venue for production is Hawkins Theatre – 13 Ray Small Drive, Papakura. We've held our annual production at the theatre since it was built in 1990!
  • When do we arrive and leave?
    Generally, arriving at the theatre 30 minutes before the show commences. You will, however, be advised more specifically, once the programme has been finalised. For dress rehearsals, please be at the theatre one hour before you are scheduled to be on stage. This is to allow time for hair, makeup and any further instructions. You are free to leave as soon as you have danced, unless advised by your teacher. A theatre schedule will be available on the studio noticeboard, as well as on our website.
  • Can parents go backstage?
    Due to limited space in the hallway and backstage areas, only the designated parents for each pre-grade class routine, usually two, are permitted to escort the dancers backstage. Teachers will assist all other classes.
  • Can I take videos and photos?
    You are welcome to take videos and photos during theatre rehearsals or in the dressing rooms only. During dress rehearsals and performances, no videoing or photography is allowed inside the theatre. We also ask that you do not share any photos of the costumes until our show has begun.
  • Watching your star on stage...
    For anyone to watch our annual production, they must purchase a ticket. This includes dancers who wish to watch when they’re not on stage. Tickets go on sale early November. More information will on the studio noticeboard and website, once available. Please note that you are unable to run into the theatre and watch your child’s class. This is due to Hawkins Theatre safety regulations, as well as to not disturb the audience. If your child is watching the show as well, we recommend purchasing tickets near the end of a row, to avoid walking in and out in front of other audience members. Please also ensure that all costumes are covered in the theatre during the show.
  • Hair and Makeup
    Your teacher will let you know how your child’s hair will need to be prior to your dress rehearsal. ie: pony tail, pig tails, bun, etc. They will also let you know what makeup is needed. Generally, a foundation, blush, and lipstick. Often the lipstick your class will be wearing can be purchased from the $2 Shop. Teachers will also help with makeup instructions and application.
  • Theatre Rehearsals vs. Dress Rehearsals
    Theatre rehearsals are held for students to get used to being on stage, as well as for our backstage and tech crew to organize props and lighting. Dancers may wear regular class attire. Dancers are in full costume, hair and makeup for dress rehearsals. Props and full lighting is also used.
  • Term fees and classes
    In term 4, term fees cover regular classes, as per the studio timetable, for students to learn their production routine/s, as well as all lessons and rehearsals at the theatre. Once rehearsals at the theatre begin, no further classes are held at the studio.
  • Any costume issues...
    If you notice an issue with your child’s costume; rips, marks, etc. – please inform one of our amazing costume committee members as soon as possible. These ladies will make themselves known to you, and they’re in charge of ensuring that all costumes stay up to performance standard.
  • What does my child wear?
    All dancers will be fitted and issued a costume for each routine they are in. These will be hanging in their dressing room area from dress rehearsals onwards. Please remember when wearing your costumes, these must be covered before the show and during half time. Costumes must remain at the theatre. They need to be hung up in the dressing rooms for the next group/show. Do not take your costume home.
  • Production charges
    There is a small production levy for students dancing in the show, as a contribution towards lighting, sound, props, and other general production costs - this is split across term 3 and term 4. In addition, a production costume levy is added to your term 4 fees. This levy varies based on the number of routines each child is performing in, and is capped at a certain amount. As Production and our Medal Test weekend are extra activities, they are not included in your general term fees.
  • What is 'Group A' and 'Group B'?
    Younger children tend to find performing every night too tiring, so we split them into two groups, and they perform on alternate night. Please make sure you inform your teacher if you are unable to perform in each show. Group A and B show dates are listed here.
  • Theatre Rehearsals
    Generally, we hold a week of timetabled classes at Hawkins Theatre to allow our dancers to get used to being on stage with bright lights and an audience watching. For 2023, we move to the theatre from Monday, 27 November. These rehearsals may vary from your normal timetabled classes. A copy of our rehearsal timetable will be made available online closer to the time, once finalised.
  • Studio Rehearsals
    Leading up to production, we will have studio rehearsal days in place of our standard timetabled classes. Your teacher will advise when these will be and a timetable will also be available on our studio noticeboard.
  • Dress Rehearsals
    We have two full dress rehearsals, Group A and Group B. Dancers will perform in full costume and makeup, and full lighting and sound is used. Our 2023 dress rehearsals are on Wednesday, 6 and Thursday, 7 December. You will be able to view and download a copy of our rehearsal timetable here, once it's confirmed.
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